Learn to Fly Fish with our First-Time Beginner's and Family Packages

Whether you are an experienced spin fisherman or have no fishing experience whatsoever, the Trout Fly's first-time beginner's and family package will give you a full five-hour course in fly fishing conducted by one of our friendly instructors at a discounted rate.

This is not a public class but a personal course for just you or your group and can be set up any day of the week as needed to accomodate your vacation schedule.  We can also provide transportation as needed. 

Besides a licensed professional guide as your instructor, the package includes everything you will need for the day - rod and reel, waders, tackle, all flies and we'll bring along a digital camera so we can send you a few pictures of your first day of fly fishing and hopefully the "Big One" that didn't get away.  You will need a fishing license as catching fish is what this class is all about, as well as learning all the basics of fly fishing.  Licenses are not required for those under 16 years of age.  If you do not have a fishing license, a one-day license is $14.30.  The cost for the course is $125 per person in a group of two or $105 per person in a group of three.  Contact us for discounted rates for families, large groups with multiple instructors. (800) 637-6912

We start out in the morning with about an hour on the lawn at the local park for some basic fly casting instruction, then move to a local stream or lake on one of our large boats and apply what you have learned catching a few fish.

By the end of the day, our target is that you should have gained enough experience that you can go out the next day on your own and catch fish!

Even if you don't really intend to take up fly fishing as a hobby, this is a perfect way to complete your "alpine experience" with a day in the beautiful outdoors catching some trout and seeing what fly fishing is all about!

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