The Fish Report - February 13, 2018

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More seasonable temps for the next week or so. Indian summer is over for now.

Winter fishing weather doesn't get any better than this!


We're are on Winter hours

8am - 4pm 7 Days




Recent Photos of our Clients and Customers.

Nate Wray sent in this photo of his client Lisa Willes ont he Lower Owens.


Pat Jaeger has some openings to drift the Lower Owens this month. Give us a call at the shop to book.


Pat is doing Half Day drift trips on the lower owens in his beautiful Hyde drift boat. The flows are prime for winter drifting right now.


Here are a couple of submissions from guide Chris Wharton up at Pyramid Lake.


From the land of Giant Cutthroat, another submission from guide Chris Wharton up at Pyramid.


Tom Hampton fished the Upper Owens with guide Mike Villemaire and caught a couple of quality Crowley Fish.


Here's Tom with another big migrant crowley fish.













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The Fish Report - February 5, 2018

We only report first-hand info from our 16 guides

on the water daily , Bishop to Bridgeport.

Consult the DFG Regulations for specifics.


Mammoth Lakes Basin - Local Weather   Road closed for winter as of 11/4

Water Conditions:


Fishing Conditions and Hatches:



Recommended Flies:



Guides Hint:


Water Conditions: Good

Flows are at 30 CFS as of 2/13 (Includes 20cfs for spring + Mammoth Creek flows)

Water is running clear and cold.

(Note flows include water from the springs, not just the gauging station at the highway so this is what is really flowing through the canyon)

Fishing conditions and Hatches:Good

Flows have come back down, and the water is clear.

Lots of small fish around from when they planted back in November. Not seeing much in the way of wild fish, mostly just been catching these 6" plants. They're getting smarter by the day though and refusing flies now, where a few weeks ago they would eat just about anything you'd throw at them. Bring your 3 weight. Also it wouldn't hurt to switch to 6x.

Seeing lots of midges and a fair ammount of BWOs early to mid morning.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES:Brook's Sprout Midge #22, High Vis Hatchmatcher BWO #16-18, Parachute Adams #16-18, Extended Body BWO #18, CDC Baetis DUN #16-18, Brooks Sprout Baetis #18

NYMPHS: Zebra Midge #18-20, JuJu Baetis #18, Micromayfly #18, Tungsten Psycho #18-20, Barr's Flashback Emerger #18, T-Midge Black #22

STREAMERS: Might be able to dead drift a black or olive bugger, but there are lots of places to snag.

Guides Hint:Use a lighter hook set unless you want to send these small planted fish into a low earth orbit...


SAN JOAQUIN RIVER         Local Weather and Flows  Road closed for the season as of 10/19
Visitor Center Info (760) 924-5500

Water Conditions:




Fishing conditions and Hatches:




Recommended Flies:



Guides Hint:


CROWLEY LAKE -   Local Weather    Fish Camp Cam  Crowley Cam     Surface Elevation


Water Conditions:



Fishing Conditions and Hatches:








Guides Hint:


UPPER OWENS RIVER- Local Weather and Flows


Water Conditions:Fair

Closed to all fishing below Benton Crossing.

Flows are at 105cfs as of 2/13 Above the Confluence.

Water is clear above the confluence and stained below.


Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fair

Flows are up from water being diverted from Grant Lake.

Still plenty of small fish with the occasional crowley fish. The brown's didn't make a huge run this year. At least on the Upper O. It's been very crowded out here the last couple of weeks so try and give other people their space and be respectful.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: Stimulator #16, Extended Body BWO #16, High Vis Parachute BWO #18

NYMPHS: #12-16 Bead Head Prince Nymph, #16-18 Pheasant Tail, Flashback Hares Ear #14-16, Red Copper John #12-14, Western Coachmen #12-16, San Juan Worms #12, Egg patterns any size, Zebra Midge #18, Copper Tiger Midge, Maribou leeches.

STREAMERS: Double Bunny, Ruby Eye Leech, Goat Leech, Maribou Leech.

Guides Hint: Ditch the bright colored shirt and avoid getting into the water unless you're crossing.


Lower Owens River - Local Weather and Flows

Water Conditions:Fair

Flows are down to 74cfs as of 2/13

Water is clear and very cold.



Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

Water temps are around 43 degrees mid-day. The fish seem to be used to these flows and temps and will eat a midge if you drift it through the deepest slowest water. Things should improve in the coming weeks with stronger and stronger hatches as the days get longer and warmer.

Recommended Flies:


NYMPH: Zebra Midge #20, T-Midge Black #20-22, WD-40 Black #20, Tiger Midge #20

STREAMERS: Water is too cold.

Guides Hint:


East Walker River - Local Weather and Flows

Water Conditions: Fair

Flows are at 28cfs as of 2/13




Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

Hearing the fishing is good, but with the flows this low play your fish fast and keep it in the water.


DRIES: Not seeing much surface activity.

NYMPHS: Micro Mayfly #16, Shot Glass Baetis #16, Buckskin caddis #16, Bottom Roller #14, Radiation Baetis #16, Copper Zebra #16, Hogan's S&M Nymph #16-18

STREAMERS:Type 3 sink tip just about anywhere with bright colored streamers.



Pyramid Lake, NV   - Report Courtesy of Chris Wharton Call 775-851-1558 for more info or bookings.

Water conditions:

Current water temps. are running 44-45 degrees, water clarity is very good.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

We are not getting alot of numbers but some big fish are being landed. Last week two friends each landed fish in the 20lb. range and I personally netted a 16 1/2 lb. Let me mention again that you want to put your time in when we have some off weather or fish the early morn. and late eve. if it is going to be bluebird. 

Recommended Flies:

Pyramid micro Tui, Streamer patterns in white and olive, Balanced Leeches on windy choppy days and the usual Wolly Bugger/Beetle setups.

Guides Hint:When fishing streamers imitating baitfish here, make sure to use quick erratic retrieves with short pauses in between.

I have fished world famous Pyramid lake with Stillwater Guide Service owner Chris Wharton

and would recommend him for guide trips to this water, he has over 33 yrs. experience on this stillwater. - Kent

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